I have been here in Singapore for four days already. Right now it is 6 in the evening and I am alone in our room. I have just come back from attending the Filipino church in East Coast, 15 minutes bus ride away from our hostel. My two roommates, a Thai pastor who speaks little English and another Filipino (thank God) have gone out since morning too to attend their own service. I also have a bad cold and yet I am restless. I want to go out but I have none to go with. I feel I will just rest.

I accepted that the message in the morning service was for me. Ester, daughter of Norman Holmes from Zion Ministries and the speaker  earlier shared about the excuses we use to not accept the call of God in my life. I must admit that I have use them myself. Excuses such as “I’m too young,” “I don’t know how to speak in front of an audience.”  or “I don’t have the money.” Even before coming here in Singapore to study ministry, I had used them before God. But what’s amazing is that, even though I make excuse, God always shows that He will be with me. It made me remember this quote I once read, “The grace of God will never leave you where the will of God takes you.”

I have resolved not to fear whatever will come because there is someOne who is holding my hand and will never let go. I am sure God said that.


P.S. I am staying at East Lodge Hostel in Joo Chiat Place. Take a look here if you want to get an idea of our place. 🙂


~ by chickenrice on July 4, 2010.

2 Responses to “Sick.”

  1. Oh…why din you call me and ask me to go out…?? Feel free to do so.. 🙂

    • thanks yvonne. i didn’t want to spread around the virus, hehe. but still, thanks a lot. if i want milo from mcdonalds again then ill contact you. haha!

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